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Foxborough Historical Society Programs

Upcoming Program: Tuesday September 26, 2017. 7:30PM at the Boyden Library at the corner of Bird and Baker Streets.

Historian William Hanna presents "The WWII POW Experience at Camp Myles Standish"
William Hanna will join the historical society on Tuesday to discuss "The World War II Prisoner of War Experience at Camp Myles Standish." Hanna will share his research on the massive military site that was Camp Myles Standish in Taunton. More than 1,500,000 American soldiers passed through the camp during World War II on their way to Europe, and thousands of German and Italian soldiers were detained at the camp during the war. Hanna plans to relay details of prisoner camp life during these years noting "The prisoner of war aspect has been less well investigated so I am going to try to take care of that."
Please consider joining us on the 26th in the Community Room.

Past Program: Tuesday May 23, 2017. 7:30PM at the Boyden Library at the corner of Bird and Baker Streets.

Former Boston PD Superintendent John Gallagher presents "Foxborough In World War II"
After spending 29 years with the Boston Police Department John F. Gallagher is excited to join us to talk about his true crime books. His most recent book titled A Monument to Her Grief: The Sturtevant Murders of Halifax, Massachusetts, recounts the brutal triple murder of three elderly people at their farmhouse in 1874. Gallagher used his many years of investigative experience to research the holdings of the Halifax Historical Society and Museum, contemporaneous news accounts, court and prison records, archival manuscripts, and other evidence to offer the first in-depth look at the murders that forever changed this small town just twenty miles from Foxborough.
The goal of his books is not only to contribute to the preservation of local history, albeit dark, but also to honor the memory of the victims of these long forgotten murders.

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